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Age is a Number

Turns out this is truer than many of us may realize. The number of stem cells reduce as we age. The number of growth factors in the remaining stem cells are reduced as we grow older. The cumulative damage to our DNA as we age can be measured and expressed numerically. All of this directly impacts our body’s ability to heal itself. Until recent times, this was an unavoidable fact of life. This has changed.

Dr. Giampapa, MD is a Nobel Prize Nominee, GUSI Prize winner for cellular aging research and was keynote speaker at the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference in Rome.

Meet Our Partners at Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI)

 The Regen Room has formed an alliance with RMI for knowledge sharing and training in the most innovative and advanced therapies in the world for treating cellular aging. 

RMI is the only institute treating the cellular aging process. While other Stem Cell Centers focus on treating diseases which are the result of cellular aging, RMI treats the origin of all age-related diseases, which is the cellular aging process itself. Their program focusses on 5 key elements: Prevention, Proactive, Predictive and a Precision approach to Personalized medicine – the “5P Program”.

RMI uses all three major categories and sources of stem cells, which include: blood-derived, fat-derived and umbilical cord stem cells depending on the therapy and personal goals of its patients.

Hear from a couple of our patients

For 9 years I lived with knee pain so excruciating it tested my will every morning to get out of bed and go to work. I took twelve Advil every day just to get through my day. I knew it wasn’t good for me, but I wasn’t going to have my knees replaced and I refused to take anything stronger than the Advil. After my procedure, within two to three days, my pain was relieved by approximately 70%. It only got better from there. After I completed the 90 Day Program and my treatment plan, I lost 36 pounds and am happy to report…PAIN FREE!

Jerome M.

Construction Superintendant

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