Our quality of life is a direct correlation to the lifestyle choices we make.  

What if we took a proactive approach with our health instead of waiting until there are problems?  

It is natural for our bodies to feel different as we age, but there are ways we can improve our longevity and our quality of life. Just like our genes are the kindling for a fire, our lifestyle choices are the logs that allow for it to burn bright and long.



1. It Begins with Mindset

With any significant changes that you make in life, it all begins with a choice.  Something inside of you is compelling you enough that it’s time for change. Commonly, in order to make change you need either inspiration or desperation. Today we want to focus more on inspiration and not wait until you must change out of desperation.   

Once you have made up your mind to create a healthier lifestyle, you will be challenged by old habits, your desire to change will ultimately be tested.  Having a strong mindset will help you move through these challenges and stick to your desire for change. The more you focus on the outcome and the end goal, the stronger your mindset and your will to change becomes.  Now let’s talk about practical things to support your will to be proactive with your health! 

2. Drink Your Water! 

Not to sound like your mother, but you must drink your water! Hydration is a critical component to having both a healthy body and healthy cells.  But wait, there’s more! Hydration also aids in curbing appetite which aids in reducing calorie intake and if weight loss is part of your goal, yes drinking water will help you with that.   Hydration also works to flush the body of inflammatory markers causing you to feel better, stronger and even more energized. 

What happens when you aren’t properly hydrated?  Chronic dehydration produces stress, pain, and may eventually cause other conditions including back pain, degenerative diseases, arthritis, and premature aging.  And if that’s not enough to convince you to drink more water, here are a couple more things to remember. When trying to lose weight or improve your nutrition, the thirst trigger in your mind/body it is often mistaken for hunger, one glass of water can shut down hunger pangs.  Even mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism and finally lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue, notice we said water, not red bull!

3. Eat Your Vegetables!  

No, we’re not saying go vegan or vegetarian (although some will argue you should) our goal is to get you to rethink your food and what you are putting into your body.   Food is the daily medicine you give your body. What you put into your body determines how it performs, much like fuel in a car. The better food you put in your body, the better you feel and the better your body performs.  Have you every noticed how you feel after indulging in a Number 6 at Whataburger? Probably not ready to take on the world, and more like you need a nap. Your body works so much harder to process foods full of trans fats, sugars/fructose and all the other man-made ingredients that go into processed foods.  

The key to nutrition is to avoid processed foods and eat real foods.  Real foods include: vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seafood and meat.  There are many guides available to help take the guess work out of what to eat.  Start with small changes that you can easily maintain and eventually you can become stricter and more disciplined in your nutrition.  We promise you that the way your body feels eating real foods will make it enjoyable and not feel like a punishment or deprivation at all. 

4. Stop stressing to death

Stress is bad. It and will make you lose your hair, gain weight and be really depressing at parties. It will make you buy bad gifts at Christmas, make inappropriate comments at family events and result in your getting drunk, blacking out and enduring a super awkward breakfast the next morning. Oh, and you will die eventually. Now that we got that out of the way, what can you do to have more peace and zen in your life?  Most likely, moving to an island or becoming a monk isn’t an option so let’s look at some alternatives.  

Scientifically speaking, chronic stress breeds chronic inflammation, suppressed immune system and increased occurrence of pain.  It’s also largely correlative to depression. Learning to control stress takes time and effort. You can begin with simple things like a de-stress activity such as walking, yoga or meditation.   If helpful, talk with a specialist that can help you navigate the stress points of your life and provide tools to help you feel more in control. Next time you begin to feel anxious, stop and acknowledge the feeling and then focus on breathing and talking yourself through the anxiousness.   Make an effort to do activities you enjoy and that alleviate stress. 

5. Sleep on it 

Sleep directly effects your mental and physical health.  Getting a good night’s rest may seem like an impossible task when you’re wide awake at 3AM, but you have much more control over the quality of your sleep than you probably realize. Often the cure for sleep difficulties can be found in your daily routine. 

Some things you can do to improve your sleep are stick to a routine. Wake up at the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time each night.  Have a relaxing bedtime routine that calms your mind (aka don’t watch the local news before bed). Keep a note pad and pen on your nightstand to write down any items or tasks you find your mind trying to remember.  Focus on 1-3 good things that happened to you that day and write them down. Additionally, you will notice that once you begin drinking water and improving your nutrition during the day you will sleep better at night. 

6. Get moving!

Your body was designed for movement.  Since you were able to crawl as a cute little baby, your body has wanted to move.  Your need to move never diminishes. Age, injuries, stress and chronic pain are the enemy of movement.   Often these things keep us from moving when the very thing our body needs is movement. Mobility is an absolute essential resource, it makes us strong, active, intelligent and of course healthy. 

Movement does not mean going to the gym and cranking out a 2-hour workout every day.  Movement can be as simple as stretching and exercises you can do in your own home. You would be surprised to know how beneficial stretching is, for example it increases circulation and drainage of the lymph system that helps eliminate toxins or waste.  It breaks down friction and gluing among facial sheathes. It reduces muscle stiffness, improves balance and decreases the likelihood of injury. To our point, even simple movement goes a long way!

7. Long live the queen

Everything we just covered leads to the ultimate goal of longevity. But not just longevity, a high quality of life where you are healthy and have the ability to move and enjoy it. Our mission is to create the healthiest community of people on earth. It all starts with a decision to be healthy and taking a proactive approach to your health.  Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait until it’s too late. Start now by taking control of your lifestyle choices and join us in living a long full healthy life.