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Our Approach

When it comes to Regenerative Medicine, one size does not fit all. Each patient is as different as their pain. We take the time to learn more about you, your pain and your functional goals in life. We then develop a personalized treatment plan specific to you to build an algorithm using a combination of regenerative therapies in our product portfolio.

Our Mission

To protect and enhance the wellness of our patients by offering comprehensive information, effective therapies, and sound medical advice.

Our Vision

We will provide the highest patient-valued experience with the best prices, products and services to make The Regen Room the first choice for highly effective treatments, insights and experience-driven solutions.

We believe in meeting the patient where they are on their journey in life. This is why we create personalized treatment plans for each patient that includes a programmatic approach including Physiological, Mechanical and Functional treatment. This comprehensive approach provides the patient with the best possible chance for a successful and sustainable outcome. 

The Regen Room Difference

What makes The Regen Room different from everyone else?

We are a physician-led practice with an intense focus on positive outcomes. All of our procedures are performed in an out-patient setting, using image guidance ensuring the treatment is injected at the target location. Everyone at The Regen Room is committed to honesty, integrity and realistic expectations.

We take the time to educate you on stem cells, regenerative cell therapy and the combination therapies available to ensure you have a positive and successful outcome. Further, we provide patient financing options with highly flexible payment terms where everyone is guaranteed to be approved.

Finally, we put together an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan just for YOU.

comprehensive product portfolio

Product Therapies

Minimally Invasive | Science Based | Low-Risk

Our treatment therapies are non-surgical and are performed in our offices often in less than an hour. We have curated an advanced product portfolio to ensure the best chance for successful outcomes. Our combination therapy algorithms are customized for your personal treatment plan. It's helpful to think about regenerative medicine in four main product therapy groups.

Protease Inhibitor


Platelet Therapies


Poweful anti-inflammatory. Autologous treatment of all joints and discs, best with large joints due to volume created.

Provides a pristine micro environment in which to inject growth factors or stem cells. 

Stops and protects the joint from degradation.

Autologous (your blood) treatment of tendons, ligaments, muscles, discs and joints of all sizes.

Often used as a "scaffolding" with Exosomes and BMA to "lock in" the biologic in the targeted area.

PRFM is an advanced form of PRP and provides a "matrix" for the biologic upon injection.

Growth Factors

Exosomes & Amniotic Fluid

Cell to cell signaling with growth factors

Rigorously anti-inflammatory and pro-growth, Exosomes are secreted by stem cells when they want to "talk" to other cells.

Stem Cells

Adipose Fat & Marrow Cellution

Autologous stem cell treatment of all joints, best at large joints due to volume created.

Often used as a a combination therapy with Alpha2ACTIVE.

Premium Product Portfolio

Regenerative Medicine is a comprehensive portfolio of products and therapies. This may include stem cells, protease inhibitors, growth factors or platelet therapies. Each person’s pain and injury is unique. The Regen Room has curated a premium product portfolio in order to treat your specific needs. During your consultation,  if they feel you will benefit from regenerative medicine therapy, our physician(s) will identify the treatment algorithm to treat your pain.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Because regenerative medicine is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach, we create a personalized, custom treatment plan for YOU. We have a comprehensive portfolio of regenerative medicine products to treat virtually all patients. Once you have completed your consultation with our physician(s), we will develop a treatment algorithm specifically for your pain.

Patient Financing

We believe EVERYONE should have access to regenerative medicine. the Regen Room has developed relationships with third-party healthcare finance companies to provide patient financing to everyone who desires treatment. Everyone is approved regardless of credit issues or personal history. Money is no longer an obstacle to feeling better and living a life you deserve.

Physician Profile

The team behind The Regen Room is comprised of experts in regenerative medicine therapies, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine & primary care.

Dr. Scott Waugh

Dr. Scott Waugh

Medical Director - OKC


Dr. Scott Waugh is a board-certified family practice physician with added qualifications in primary care sports medicine and musculoskeletal ultrasound. He is a graduate of Baylor University and the University of Oklahoma, where he completed the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Program and went on to continue practicing sports medicine.

Dr. Waugh specializes in finding conservative, nonsurgical treatments for orthopedic conditions of all types. As a veteran in the field of sports medicine, he has been heavily involved in the management of sports and orthopedic injuries from concussion management to sprains and fractures. He has been proudly caring for patients in the north Oklahoma City and Edmond areas since 2007.

He is currently credentialed by APCA in musculoskeletal ultrasound and uses this technique to diagnose and accurately treat many conditions. Since 2010, Dr. Waugh has been using regenerative technology to heal, fill, and replace damaged or degenerative tissue with great success. He often travels the country to share this technique with other doctors, teaching this cutting-edge procedure to some of the nation’s most advanced practitioners.

In his free time, Dr. Waugh enjoys spending quality time with his wife of 15 years, Dr. Ashlee Waugh, and their four children.

Expertise. Knowledge. Results.

The team behind The Regen Room is comprised of experts in regenerative medicine therapies, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine & primary care. Our areas of expertise include:


  • 8+ Years in Regenerative Medicine Therapies
  • 20+ Years in Orthopedic surgery
  • 20+ Years in Sports Medicine
  • 20+ Years in Chiropractic Medicine
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • Physician Education and Training at:
    • Harvard Medical School
    • Baylor University
    • University of Oklahoma
    • Steadman Hawkins Clinic
    • Mayo Clinic

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