Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the questions we hear a lot below. Please take a look and if you don’t see what you are looking for, please click below.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Clinical procedures that aim to repair damaged tissue or organs, most often by using tissue engineered scaffolds and stem cells to replace cells and tissues damaged by aging and by disease. Regenerative Medicine is an alternative to prescription medications, surgery and long rehabilitation times. 

How do I know if I am a candidate for regenerative medicine?

Studies such as X-Rays and MRI’s as well ultrasound imaging as medical history, symptoms, physical examination and records are reviewed by Dr. Halbrecht. She discusses her recommendations with the patient and together, a treatment plan is formulated.

What is Cellular Therapy?

Stem cell research offers unprecedented opportunities for developing new medical therapies for debilitating diseases and a new way to explore fundamental questions of biology. Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can self-renew indefinitely and also differentiate into more mature cells with specialized functions. 

What makes the Regen Room Different than other providers?

What makes us different? Our expertise. Our products. Our approach to creating personalized treatment plans and treating the whole patient.

How long is my recovery time?

While every patient is different, in most instances you will not require more than a few days of taking it easy. The procedures are done in our offices and you are able to go home and return to light activities the same day.

Does it really work?

Yes. Concentrated doses of stem cells (bone marrow and adipose tissue) and growth factors administered to areas of injury or inflammation in human studies have shown that MSC’s signal cartilage cells to grow and form new cartilage.

Product FAQ’s

What is A2M?

A2M is short for Alpha-2-Macroglobulin, a molecule (protease inhibitor) in our bodies produced by the liver to fight inflammation. When extracted and concentrated prior to injection, it provides pain relief quickly while protecting the joint from further degradation.

What is Amniotic Fluid?

100% Pure Amniotic Fluid is a powerful liquid. Not only does it surround and protect the fetus as it develops in the mother’s womb, but 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid is rich in nutrients, growth factors and proteins that helps develop the fetus in the womb and supports healing in humans. 

What are Exosomes?

When stem cells want to “talk” to each other, they secrete tiny vesicles called Exosomes in order to communicate with other stem cells. Exosomes then carry and transfer their payload and instructions to neighboring cells. MSCs can produce high amounts of Exosomes, therefore, passing along their attributes.

How do Bone Marrow stem cells work?

the Regen Room uses a bone marrow product called Marrow Cellution. It is a non-centrifuge, highly sterile, bone marrow aspirate system with a fast harvesting time that yields the highest amount of CFU-fs on the market. These stem cells are taken from the patient’s own bone marrow through a quick and simple extraction process.

What is PRP or PRFM?

PRP is short for Protein Rich Plasma and includes growth factors from the patient’s own blood. After a simple blood draw and centrifucation process, the PRP is separated and then injected into the target area. PRFM is short for Protein Rich Fibrin Matrix. Think of PRFM as advanced PRP. The Fibrin Matrix creates a gel-like substance, providing a “scaffolding” to lock in the biologic. 


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