With the holidays behind us now, you have probably had a chance to sit down, catch your breath and reflect on the past year.  Hopefully you spent lots of time with family, friends and running around attending various holiday celebrations.  However, if you’re like millions of Americans you may have suffered from pain or even felt held back from participating in activities as a result.  Christopher A. knows exactly how you felt, and we would like to share his story with you.

Christopher is from Houston, Texas, and he shares with us that for the last three to four years, he has been experiencing severe knee pain. His pain was felt daily at a level of seven, eight, and in some cases, nine out of ten. His frustration came when doctors would simply prescribe him narcotics or other pain medications. Sound familiar? We all know that is not a long-term solution or really a solution at all.   

Christopher wanted to fix the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. So, he decided to consider a different type of treatment and that’s what brought him to the Regen Room.  We visited with him as he shared his story of physical pain and how it had become such a limitation on his life.  He just wanted to remember what it was like to be pain free again. 

At the Regen Room, we have a holistic approach so not only were we looking at the injections, but the entire process of regeneration and therapy that went along with it for Christopher.  Three weeks ago he came in and received  A2M, a super potent, autologous, anti-inflammatory and protease inhibitor.

An amazing thing happened! He called us the very next morning so excited to share that he had woke up the next day with 60% less pain! That’s 60% less pain after the A2M treatment.  We then followed up two weeks later with a Biologic. The combination of this therapy “weeded the garden” of all the bad actors causing the pain and inflammation and then we “planted new seeds of growth” with the biologic.

Remember how he said for the last four years he was living with level six to nine pain from morning to night, every single day? Can you imagine what a difference this made in his life?!

Christopher shared that he was able to do something he hadn’t done in ages and that was go on an outing with his family to an Apple orchard. He said he was able to walk up and down the rows picking apples and that in itself was an amazing gift.

After treatment at the Regen Room, we introduced him to the Athletic Room. Our staff began to show Christopher a treatment that he hadn’t heard of from previous doctors. From different types of compression treatments to stretching for improved mobility, we broke it all down into very user-friendly terms that he could easily understand. Christopher shares, “I left The Regen Room not only feeling good but empowered with a sense of knowledge that what The Regen Room is doing is working and I finally have hope that I am going to get completely better.”

We are happy to report that Christopher is doing great!  If you catch yourself sitting on the sidelines accepting pain as normal or just part of your life, we encourage you take a look at the Regen Room where we are helping many others just like Christopher get their health back and live life to the fullest.